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Clam – Technical Analysis/Speculation 6/08/2015

Clams have been one of the biggest cryptocoins to launch in recent times. With a discreet operation which led to free clams being associated to each bitcoin address (which had a balance), the distribution went far and wide allowing many to enjoy the benefits of Clam at no cost. With each address receiving an average of 5 Clams the popularity and exposure gained increased rapidly. Price Analysis The value of Clams …
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Bitcoin Price Analysis/Speculation – 08/03/2015

Bitcoin has seen past the rough times as currently prices are sitting in firmly in the $280 – $290 zone with no real signs of movement downwards. August is off to a great start with the outlook set to be green all round as a extremely clear trend has developed in markets. Whilst the long term charts are looking pretty grim with bitcoin levels seemingly flat and lifeless the opposite …
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Top Three Leaps In The World Of Bitcoin Over The Past 3 Years

1. Price Although Bitcoin’s price has been very unstable it has developed significantly over the last few years. In the year of 2013 it foreshadowed its success as its price went from being around $30 to a peak of $238. This was followed with a major increase when its price climbed to a peak of over $1,100. This was seen as the golden age of Bitcoin as many early investors …
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