Clam – Technical Analysis/Speculation 6/08/2015

Clams have been one of the biggest cryptocoins to launch in recent times. With a discreet operation which led to free clams being associated to each bitcoin address (which had a balance), the distribution went far and wide allowing many to enjoy the benefits of Clam at no cost. With each address receiving an average of 5 Clams the popularity and exposure gained increased rapidly.

Price Analysis

The value of Clams has increased steadily over a long period of time. With the initial growth spurt started by Just-Dice, which was the most popular Dice Site before its abrupt closure, being reopened as a exclusive Clam casino, the cryptocurrency hasn’t looked back moving forwards and upwards from thereon. Following the initial jump in value the currency remained at a stable price threshold until the last few days when it made its latest move. The markets reacted to increased sentiment and trading volume by following up with a increase in price. The past fortnight has indeed been very successful for the coin as it has increased considerably in value jumping from the initial price of 0.009 to over 0.011 with no signs of a stop in growth. As seen in the graph below when Clam prices increase it is more likely that they will remain at higher levels and midway through this rally it would be wise to stack up some coins, but remember never invest more than you can afford as losses can exceed deposits.



The current growth spurt shows little signs of manipulation as according to the increase in trading volume, the value of the coin has also followed naturally. The increase also shows a natural growth pattern as the market seems to correct upward movement but with the level of liquidity and capital flowing there seems to be much more growth in store. I would anticipate a 0.014 Bitcoin to be the next milestone that should secure these higher levels. Any lower and we may be heading back down as following the previous rally, prices should reach these levels by the end of the week reflecting the volumes of over 10k USD which are being traded everyday.

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