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Bitcoin Facilitates Exchanging To Foreign Currency At Lower Fees

It is evident that Bitcoin is making a significant impact on the travel sector, albeit not necessarily in ways most people would anticipate. Unlike traditional currencies, Bitcoin can be used to convert a local currency to a foreign one without much trouble. More importantly, it reduces most exchange rate fees and does not require a bank account or payment card to do so. The Benefit of Using Bitcoin To Obtain …
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Bitcoin Thrives In The Philippines And Argentina

The global appeal of Bitcoin and other digital currencies will eventually lead to emerging countries embracing these concepts rather than staying with inflationary currencies. Both Argentina and The Philippines are two regions where Bitcoin can make a significant impact, and both countries are warming up to this concept in recent months. Also read: Credits Blockchain Initiative Is Compatible With Legacy Systems Bitcoin In The Philippines and Argentina For quite some …
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Rebit.ph Shows Bitcoin Remittance Is Alive And Kicking

As we reported a little while ago, Rebittance is undergoing some changes to their remittance plans in the Bitcoin world. However, this does not mean the team is giving up on this idea completely, as Rebit.ph will remain in operation. In fact, the service is growing in popularity, which can only be seen as a positive sign for Bitcoin remittance in the Philippines. Also read: How to make a Bitcoin …
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