Shows Bitcoin Remittance Is Alive And Kicking

As we reported a little while ago, Rebittance is undergoing some changes to their remittance plans in the Bitcoin world. However, this does not mean the team is giving up on this idea completely, as will remain in operation. In fact, the service is growing in popularity, which can only be seen as a positive sign for Bitcoin remittance in the Philippines.

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It is important for companies such as to keep a close eye on how their services are perceived by the audience, and where improvements can be made. The Bitcoin remittance solution has been off to a good start so far, and there are no plans whatsoever to shut down this service anytime soon. In fact, the platform is growing in popularity, as more Filipinos are looking for cheaper remittance solutions. Bitcoin presents an excellent alternative in that regard. CEO John Bailon stated:

“ was an experiment by one of our employees. It was supposed to be an aggregator of Rebittance services, one of which is our flagship product pre-dates and remittances via Bitcoin is still very much alive and growing.”

While it is sad to see shut down completely, it will serve a bigger purpose in streamlining In the end, the consumer will win due to this decision, as they will be able to use a more convenient service for all of their Bitcoin remittance needs. Novice users, who are new to the world of Bitcoin and its role in the remittance industry, will reap the rewards from future streamlining.

Keeping in mind how a large part of the Filipino community has no access to a bank account, it is clear for everyone to see how Bitcoin remittance solutions can play a big role in the country. Combining that knowledge with the fact that the Philippines is the third biggest remittance market in the world, and one can see where the success for is coming from.

Even though The Philippines is not the only region to benefit from Bitcoin as a cheaper remittance solution, this region is a perfect testing ground for these types of companies. is seeing the fruits of their labor paying off already, and with future announcements to be made, the service will only get better over time. The future of Bitcoin is bright in the Philippines, that much is certain.

Source: Satoshi Citadel Industries

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