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After Tumultuous Monday, Price of Bitcoin Returns Above $8,100

With every green candle in the past two months, cryptocurrency supporters hope the bear trend has ended. However, after each extended period of appreciation, it seems as if an even longer and steeper sea of red is experienced after. Yesterday, technical analysts and spectators alike scratched their heads at Bitcoin’s inexplicable chart. Although the unexpected is the norm throughout cryptocurrency, Monday’s Bitcoin chart sparked a slew of attention on Twitter and …
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DigixDAO Surges Amid Sea of Red

After a general upwards trend from Bitcoin following its February 6 low of US$6,000, today marks the first major downtrend from the cryptocurrency. After nearing $12,000, the coin has dropped significantly, and is currently trading close to $10,700. As is usually the case, the significant drop has caused widespread losses among a majority of altcoins. Of the 1,516 cryptocurrencies listed on Coinmarketcap.com, only 28 have seen USD gains of 1% or …
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