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The Economics of Buying vs Fixing Your Smartphone

We are on our phones a whole lot. And for good reason because lots of business and personal activities are done on a mobile device – which explains why there are very nearly 1.3 billion more mobile connections than there are people in the entire world. Smartphones have become a huge part of our lives as they have become so common among everyone. Since 1973, the rise of cellular phones …
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New Version of “Your Windows is Banned” Malware Demands $50 in Bitcoin

There are many different types of malware in circulation, but some of these creations truly stand out. One of the more intriguing ones explains to people that their version of Microsoft Windows “has been banned.” Supposedly, the ban is due to users having violated the Microsoft terms of use. This scam is designed to infect computers with malware called “Rogue.Tech-Support.” A new version of this malware showed up earlier this week. Windows Has Been Banned …
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Tech Support Scams Caused Over $2.5m in Financial Losses This Year Alone

Tech support scams are becoming the new trend as of late, and the FBI has voiced their concerns over this new threat. By duping victims into handing over remote access over devices, they end up losing money when the system is held hostage. Taking the proper security measures will need to happen at the user level, as the FBI can’t do much in this regard. Worrisome Losses Due To Tech …
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