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Dubai Looks To Introduce Unpiloted Drone Taxis Shortly

Now that the first flying car is available for pre-order, it looks like more commercial projects involving flying vehicles are looming on the horizon. Dubai has announced their plans to introduce flying drone taxis in the near future. It sounds like a project out of this world, but the city is very serious about this rather unusual concept. Flying Drone Taxis Come To Dubai One could argue the people living …
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Uber Installs Digital Taxi Meters To Comply With Regulation In India

Uber is one of the most prominent and disruptive companies the ride-sharing industry has seen to date. But despite their initial success, the company is facing a lot of opposition in certain regions. India is one of those areas where the company is forced to go the extra mile. Installing digital taxi meters is just one example of how determined Uber is. India And Uber Remain an Odd Couple Ride-sharing …
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