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Russia’s Supreme Court Unwillingly Classifies Bitcoin as Money or Property

There have been numerous allegations regarding bitcoin and altcoins in the criminal underworld. Russia’s Supreme Court now officially deems digital currencies to be facilitators of bribery. The relationship between Russia and cryptocurrency has always been strenuous, to say the least. Russian Supreme Court and Bitcoin That situation is rather unlikely to improve in the near future. According to Russia’s Supreme Court, the use of cryptocurrencies poses many dangers. One such …
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South Korean Supreme Court Labels Cryptocurrencies Assets with Measurable Value

A lot of intriguing developments are taking place in South Korea. It recently became apparent that the government would revise its existing regulations, although no one knew for sure how things would play out. On Wednesday, the South Korean Supreme Court recognized Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as assets. Another Plot Twist in South Korea No one will deny the global impact South Korea has had on the cryptocurrency trading industry. Its exchanges are the main reason …
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