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Amazon: King of the Supplements Industry?

Taking vitamins or supplements is becoming increasingly popular, and because of this, the supplement industry is skyrocketing – by 2027, experts project that the market for these vitamins and dietary supplements will reach $231 billion, more than double what it was in 2019. With such a big industry, the danger of fake, misleading, or low quality supplements increases. The problem with these low quality supplements is that they can lead …
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Your Immunity and Coronavirus: Fact vs Fiction

Cases of COVID-19 around the world are going through the roof – because of this, keeping your immune system in tip-top shape has become all the more important. The immune system does many things in order to keep the body healthy and fend of sickness. COVID-19 is especially dangerous due to the fact that it is new. This newness means that no one has been previously exposed, meaning no one …
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