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Banks Around The World Face Another Stress Test Next Week

Bitcoiners may want to pay close attention to the major bank stress test which is set to take place next week. All of the central banks in the world will participate in this test, and the outcome is anybody‚Äôs guess at this stage. It is possible the majority of banks will continue down the same path of not taking any concrete action as a result of the Brexit. Another Stress …
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Blockchain.info Blames Non-Existent Network Stress Test For Bitcoin Wallet Issues

Blockchain.info wallet users may have received an unusual warning while using the service, as the company reported a potential network stress test. However, the statistics seem to disagree with this statement, as blocks are not full, and the mempool of transactions is far from overflowing. Also read: $230,000 in Digital Currency Hacked From ShapeShift.io Exchange More Blockchain.info Shenanigans Although it is not uncommon to see Blockchain.info facing some issue these …
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