Blames Non-Existent Network Stress Test For Bitcoin Wallet Issues wallet users may have received an unusual warning while using the service, as the company reported a potential network stress test. However, the statistics seem to disagree with this statement, as blocks are not full, and the mempool of transactions is far from overflowing.

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Although it is not uncommon to see facing some issue these days, the latest warning issued to customers is rather disconcerting. A few hours ago, the company made a mention on Reddit of how there is a lot of strain on the Bitcoin network, although that is not the case by any means. stated the following:

“Currently, the bitcoin network is seeing an increased amount of traffic and transactions related to a network stress test. This is impacting our services in ways that are resulting in a few different issues, including the maximum concurrent request error. Your wallet funds are safe and secure, and we are working on solutions to mitigate the problem while network conditions return to normal. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may be causing you. Access will be restored shortly, thank you for your patience.”

Although most of these issues seem to be resolved already, it is quite odd for the company to mention a stress on the Bitcoin network when that is far from the case. There was no increased amount of transactions, let alone a stress test of any kind. This has quite a few Bitcoin community members on edge right now, as people are getting tired of the wallet issues as of late.

Reddit users have pointed out no network stress test was noted on various explorers, nor was there a massive backlog in the mempool. It seems rather strange to blame circumstances that can be so easily verified – and in this case, disputed – by the Bitcoin community in a matter of seconds. Instead, it looks like had some issue on their end, and tried to blame the Bitcoin network for the sluggishness.

Despite all of these problems, it is important to note users can always move their funds to a different wallet if they prefer to do so. The backup seed of this service can be imported into any other HD wallet service on a mobile device, and users will be up and running in no time.

Source: Reddit

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