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Asian Stock Markets Have No Clear Direction

The Asian stock markets remain in a state of flux right now. With shares dropping even further, things are not looking good for the Nikkei and Shanghai Composite Index. Later this week,  Federal Reserve’s Janet Yellen will speak at a symposium to unveil the institution’s plans. All of this can push the Bitcoin price to new heights in the coming days and weeks. Asian Stock Markets Continue To Fall Financial …
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Bitcoin Trend Continues Upward As Stock Markets Tumble

The Brexit will continue to dominate media headlines for the coming days. This also gives us exciting options to draw parallels between Bitcoin and traditional finance. Whereas the global stock markets lost US$2tn due to the Brexit, Bitcoin has stood firm and not buckled despite some minor blows to the gut. Gold and government bonds have soared, but real investors will look to diversify even more. Stock Markets And Fiat …
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