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FireEye Report Confirms North Korean Hackers Continue to Target Bitcoin Exchanges

There are some interesting developments taking place in North Korea right now. It appears state-sponsored hackers are actively targeting South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges these days. It may lead to additional hacks affecting such platforms moving forward. After all, there have been multiple incidents affecting South Korean exchanges throughout 2017. North Korean Hackers Target Bitcoin Exchanges According to a new report by FireEye, North Korean hackers have found a new prominent …
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Top 5 State-Sponsored Hacking Collectives

State-sponsored hacking is becoming one of the new frontiers in cyber warfare. Governments all over the world show an appetite for sponsoring black hat hackers. Unfortunately, in most cases these attacks will cause political instability and the release of classified information. However, some of these groups have been quite successful, and their attacks will only increase in number as time progresses. #5 Axiom Even though Axiom is perhaps the most …
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Russian Hackers Target Donald Trump For Traditional Espionage

The US Presidential elections are a great source of information. This is also attracting state-sponsored hackers, such as the Russians who stole research on Donald Trump. Penetrating the computer network of the Democratic National Committee was a lot easier than anticipated apparently. Russian Hackers Target American Political Campaigns It goes without saying Donald Trump has been attracting a lot of attention so far, and not only because of his ludicrous …
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