Why Big Brands like Are Turning to the Blockchain

It’s a force to be reckoned with, and it's taking the technology space by storm. Blockchain is here to stay,…

4 years ago

Argentinian Starbucks Rewards Site Mined Monero Using Visitors’ Computers

We have seen a lot of companies use browser-embedded mining scripts to piggyback on visitors' user resources. In virtually every…

4 years ago

Bitcoin Direct To Starbucks Feature Brings A Mainstream Use Case To Cryptocurrency

Spending Bitcoin remains somewhat of a mystery to a lot of novice cryptocurrency users. Most payments are made in the…

5 years ago

The Fold App Will Add More Brands In The Coming Months

There are some rumours circulating on the Internet regarding the demise of the Fold app. Contrary to what some people…

5 years ago

Lack of Starbucks Gift Cards Makes Fold App Less Favorable

Fold has quickly become one of the most popular Bitcoin services around the world, as they let users spend Bitcoin…

6 years ago

How Does The Fold App Work?

A lot of people enjoy spending Bitcoin on various goods and services, but the Fold app has been one of…

6 years ago

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