Lack of Starbucks Gift Cards Makes Fold App Less Favorable

Fold has quickly become one of the most popular Bitcoin services around the world, as they let users spend Bitcoin at Starbucks locations which accepts payments in US Dollars. However, the service has been down for quite some time now, and it does not look like a resolution is in sight.

Fold Issues Continue To Great Dismay

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People still fail to understand how the Fold service works behind the scenes by the look of things. This company acquires Starbucks gift cards at a discounted price, which are then used to sell the balances to Bitcoin users all over the world. However, if there are no gift cards on the market, it is hard for Fold to offer their regular services.

This has caused a lot of dismay among Bitcoin community members so far, as some people seem to be striking out time and time again when trying to use the Fold app. It is a streak of bad luck if this happens, though, as the company is working very hard to ensure their can offer the service at any given time. Unfortunately, growing demand is also a downside of becoming very popular, but things will get sorted in the end.

Some Reddit users have made a mention of how they stopped using Fold altogether due to this inconvenience. However, considering how the service is still in beta at this time, it is hard – and rather unfair – to blame the company for a lack of gift cards being sold on the market right now. After all, guaranteeing that 20% discount on the next Starbucks order is not created out of thin air.

Luckily, some other parts have integrated the Fold Ap in recent times. Both Airbitz and offer access to this platform as well, and one Reddit user mentioned how he is getting a slightly different discount when paying for Starbucks with These types of claims always have to be taken with a grain of salt, though, as not not everyone in the world will have a similar experience.

Increasing company inventory will be a difficult task for Fold, as they rely on the free market of gift cards. Everyone wants to get the most bang for their buck, which only makes sense in these times of financial hardship. That being said, Bitcoin users should help raise awareness of how Fold pays users for their unspent Starbucks balances. Together, the Bitcoin ecosystem can grow.

Source: Reddit

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