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Intel Plans to Make Driverless Cars Free of Blame From Accidents

There is another major development in the world of driverless cars on the horizon. A recent announcement by Intel will not go over well with the general public, though; that much is a foregone conclusion. The company claims to have developed a system which ensures that self-driving vehicles can’t cause accidents. That’s a very bold claim that will need some solid evidence to be backed up. Making autonomous vehicles blameless is not necessarily …
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Creating New Technology Standards For Bitcoin Core Development

Throughout the years, several changes have been made to the Bitcoin Core code, allowing for new features, improved security, and ultimately, bigger network blocks. But it seems as if the developers want to revamp their code changes in the future, to engage more people in the future and development of Bitcoin. Bitcoin Core Developers Want More Input The way things work right now for Bitcoin Core is by letting community …
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Bitcoin Wallet Standards Ensure Funds Can Be Recovered

To many consumers, the concept of a Bitcoin wallet remains rather difficult to grasp. After all, the main goal of Bitcoin is to be in control of finances at any given time. But for mobile users, they have to rely on wallets developed by third party providers. What were to happen with one’s wallet if a company like Mycelium decided to pull the plug on their project? Absolutely nothing, as …
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