Creating New Technology Standards For Bitcoin Core Development

Throughout the years, several changes have been made to the Bitcoin Core code, allowing for new features, improved security, and ultimately, bigger network blocks. But it seems as if the developers want to revamp their code changes in the future, to engage more people in the future and development of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Core Developers Want More Input

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The way things work right now for Bitcoin Core is by letting community members propose ideas through a public mailing list. They will then have to wait to see whether or not enough people are in favour of this proposal, and if so, a BIP is created and submitted to GitHub. Once this step has been completed, the general Bitcoin community can post their comments and concerns regarding this topic.

Do keep in mind this is still a far cry from seeing this idea implemented in the Bitcoin Core client, though, as there is still a  review process that needs to take place. There is always a significant difference between wanting something to work, and making it behave as expected in a software environment.

Community members have taken somewhat of a liking to this approach, especially since every step is made public. However, the Bitcoin Core developers still have the final say in which changes are made in the end. But at the same time, a new proposal has been created to let community members weigh in more on upcoming features or changes to the Bitcoin client software.

If these plans come to fruition, there will be a new system which lets anyone in the world weigh in on the future of Bitcoin Core development, without slowing down the development process itself. Doing so will require a better differentiation between different proposal types, which will [hopefully] invite more users to comment on what they hope to see in the future.

Creating a technology standard in the field of Bitcoin will be quite a challenge, though, despite there being the advantage of preventing enterprises from taking over the future of Bitcoin Core development. In the end, we all want to make Bitcoin better than it has ever been before while still keeping the same level of transparency in place. While there is still a lot of work to be done before a consensus system within all of Bitcoin’s key groups is established, the concept holds a lot of merit for the future.

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