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Now You Have Another Way to Pay for Apple Products

It’s probably been a while since you pulled out a wad of cash to purchase an iPhone or an Apple Watch. The transition to a cashless society has been in motion for some time now – in developed countries, at least. But if your go-to payment method is pulling out the plastic, well, that’s on its way out as well. Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) are on the rise around the …
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How Legitimate Blockchain Companies Can Repair ICOs’ Negative Image

With Vitalik Buterin declaring that 90 percent of all ICOs will fail, investors are feeling far from confident. In an unregulated landscape peppered with scam artists, hackers, and evil deeds, it’s no wonder the ICO fundraising mechanism has gotten a bad rap. EY research shows that over 10 percent of all ICO funds have been stolen so far. So, what happens to the legitimate blockchain companies being tarred with the same brush? …
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