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Bitcoin Price Remains Stable Around US$2,500

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts are always keeping a close eye on Bitcoin’s price. That is normal, as Bitcoin is still the leading cryptocurrency. Although the Bitcoin Dominance Index is still below 42%, the popular cryptocurrency continues to set the tone for other coins. Right now, Bitcoin appears to be somewhat stable. A Flat Bitcoin Price Chart is Good, For Now Although most Bitcoin traders would like to see some more market volatility, …
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Bitcoin Price Stable After The Halving

The reduction in half of the rewards given to miners for securing the Bitcoin Blockchain Network, brought to the table several speculations and uncertainty about the price of bitcoin and its stability, however, today, the price of bitcoin remains apparently stable, at a rate of around 650$, demonstrating that those who stated that the Halving is a normal and scheduled process, and as such, would not have any important impact …
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