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Solid-state Drives are Vulnerable to Attacks Against NAND Flash Memory Chips

It appears computer users around the world may have something else to worry about. To be more specific, it appears SSD drives are quite vulnerable to data-corrupting attacks. The NAND flash memory chips found in solid-state drives contain vulnerabilities any criminal can exploit with relative ease. Doing so would not only shorten the drive’s lifespan but also alter stored information. What is the Deal With NAND Vulnerabilities? This news comes …
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SSD vs HDD do you know the difference?

SSD (Solid State drive) and HDD (hard disk drives) do very similar jobs; they store data such as applications and personal files and boot your system. However there are a number of key differences between the two. These are some of the main contrasts: Data Storage An SSD stores data on interconnected flash memory chips, which retain information even without a power supply. Conversely, a HDD uses magnetic storage to …
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Bitseed Ups Storage On Plug-and-play Bitcoin Nodes

When Bitseed announced their plug-and-play solution to bring more Bitcoin Nodes online, there was both excitement and skepticism among digital currency community members. Although there seems to be a huge market for this type of product, the Bitcoin community is filled with people who like to tinker around with technology and build their own solution for a lower price. But things seem to be going smoothly for Bitseed, as they …
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