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Mobile Devices are the Modern Era’s Spy Tools

At one point in their life, everyone wanted to be a spy like James Bond. There are many aspects of being a spy that seem incredibly alluring. Even in this modern era, spy software – particularly for mobile devices – can be very powerful when utilized correctly. As can be seen on https://cell-phone-spy-software.net/ , there are a variety of tools to use for this specific purpose. The Power of Spy …
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US Authorities Spied On 3.3 Million Phone Calls With only One Wiretap Order

As a part of their narcotics investigation, the US authorities allowed themselves to use a single wiretap order to intercept and record several millions of their citizens’ phone calls. These real-time interceptions were carried out by an unknown government organization. What We Know In two months of 2016, over 3.29 million conversations made on the cell phones were recorded. The order was demanded sometime in late 2015, and it arrived …
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A Pre-installed App in Some American Android Phones is Sending Data To Chinese Servers

According to Cybersecurity firm Kryptowire, some Android phones, including those from American phone manufacturer BLU, are being preinstalled with software that monitors where users go, who  they call, and what they text. The information is then sent back to Chinese servers. A software dedicated to spying on users is the trojan horse hidden inside some phones manufactured in China. Kryptowire, a Cybersecurity consulting firm, has released a report stating that such malware …
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