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Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Twitter are Partnering to Fight Online Terrorist Content

After the European Commission warned Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Twitter to “act faster” in tackling online hate speech, the technology companies decided to form an online alliance to combat terrorist content on their platforms, as well as hate speech.  The European Commission raised their concern over the companies’ inaction to adopt policies in order to control hate speech and terrorist content on their platforms. Six months ago, the technology companies decided to …
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San Francisco FED President Says Terrorist Financing Could be Made Easier with Digital Currencies

In a speech delivered on April 12 at the LendIt USA 2016 conference in San Francisco, John Williams, President and CEO of the San Francisco Federal Reserve, spoke about the potential benefits and pitfalls of fintech technologies as well as digital currencies. In his speech, the FED president said that many fintech technologies hold the keys to solving many “long-standing challenges” and that advances in payment technologies can open the …
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EU Regulator Says Focus Shifting Away from Bitcoin to Blockchain

In a recent speech given at the Bank of England Conference on Fintech innovation, Executive Director of ESMA (European Securities and Markets Authority) Verena Ross, addressed the impact and future of blockchains and distributed ledger technologies (DLT) in the financial arena. In her speech, Financial Innovation: towards a balanced regulatory response, Ross said that institutional interested in shifting away from cryptocurrencies: “As time passed, ESMA became aware that market participant’s …
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