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Meet Spark, The “Burner Wallet” for all IOTA Users

Introducing new wallets for specific cryptocurrencies is crucial to increase adoption, Spark, a new wallet for IOTA, offers some interesting features. This wallet is developed by the team behind Trinity, the go-to wallet for most IOTA users. Spark is a Different IOTA Wallet Spark operates very differently, and is tailored more toward experienced users. It is advertised as a temporary web wallet, but one that should be looked at as …
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Circle is Phasing Out Bitcoin Buying/Selling Services and Will Focus on Social Payments

Circle, the messaging and instant payments startup, has decided to phase out its bitcoin exchange services. Up until now, the company has enabled many US citizens to quickly purchase Bitcoins with their debit and credit cards.  The startup is one of the most well-known services and go-to places to buy and sell bitcoins with a variety of Fiat payment channels (debit, credit cards). However, the Company announced today that it …
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