Meet Spark, The “Burner Wallet” for all IOTA Users

Introducing new wallets for specific cryptocurrencies is crucial to increase adoption, Spark, a new wallet for IOTA, offers some interesting features.

This wallet is developed by the team behind Trinity, the go-to wallet for most IOTA users.

Spark is a Different IOTA Wallet

Spark operates very differently, and is tailored more toward experienced users.

It is advertised as a temporary web wallet, but one that should be looked at as a “burner”. 

It is a good way to transaction small amounts of funds and remove all traces of the wallet afterward.

One could argue this is similar to using throwaway wallet addresses to offer some degree of privacy.

Under the hood, Spark utilizes the IOTA JavaScript account module.

It is a different way of generating one-time use addresses for this altcoin.

Users interested in experimenting with the wallet can do so by checking the website here.

There is also an option to explore the open source code on GitHub, for those who prefer that option.

How useful Spark will prove to be remains to be determined.

It certainly offers a unique take on generating new addresses quickly.

Getting people to use it, however, will always be a crucial hurdle to overcome.

Most IOTA enthusiasts might stick to Trinity, as the actual use cases for Spark are somewhat limited.