Tag: Social Engineering

Top 4 Spam Email Campaigns of 2016

Criminals are using spam email campaigns to target thousands of potential victims all over the world. The year 2016 has seen its fair share of such campaigns, most of which relate to the distribution of ransomware and other types of malware. Rest assured this threat will carry on throughout the year 2017 and beyond. Computer users need to remain vigilant when it comes to receiving emails, as one never knows what …
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Top 3 Social Engineering Attacks Of 2016

Social engineering has been a popular attack vector for criminals, both in the online and offline world. Over time, some of these social engineering attacks have evolved over time. Three types of attack have made a significant impact in 2016, and it is likely similar methods will be used throughout 2017 and beyond. #3 The Resume Spam And Ransomware Initially discovered in June of 2015, the “resume social engineering attack” …
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Human Gullibility Is The Weakest Link In Financial Security

There has never been a larger focus on financial security than today. Despite these best efforts, though, there is still a  very long way to go. Technology can only address so many things, and it is incapable of fixing the biggest flaw of all. Human fallibility remains the weakest link associated with any financial transaction or service. Humans Are Not Perfect And Never Will Be Contrary to what some people …
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