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What Is Haven?

As the Internet gets older and its users get wiser (hopefully), there is a growing desire to strengthen personal information security. Not only is there a concern that malicious actors, black-hat hackers, and criminals may have unimpeded access to personal data, but citizens of the world over are beginning to distrust their governments’ intentions. Edward Snowden, the infamous NSA contractor and defector – living in Russia of all places, not known for …
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Despite The Media and Public Opinion on the Matter Snowden Will Not Be Pardoned

Edward Snowden, the famous ‘whistle-blower’ who uncovered the biggest surveillance program in the history of humanity, has been the center of a humanitarian campaign asking president Obama to give the computer system’s administrator a full pardon.  Several human rights organizations –including International Amnesty– put forward an official campaign to raise support for a presidential pardon of Snowden’s alleged crimes. The initiative has quickly encountered a massive wall in the form of a …
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Snowden Condemns Russia, Critics Say it’s Just For the Pardon

Infamous former NSA agent turned whistle-blower, Edward Snowden has started criticizing his Russian comrades by throwing the Kremlin’s human rights record, and hinting around that it’s officials are involved in the hacks on U.S. security networks. Snowden said that Moscow had gone very far, in ways that are completely unnecessary, costly, and corrosive to individual and collective rights, in monitoring citizens online.  He also said that last month’s leak of …
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