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Without a Voice, How can Crypto-Enterprise be Legally Sound? LEGAL Braces to Impact the Crypto-World in a Spectacular Way.

As the potential for real-world implementation of blockchain technology grows, major companies in the financial and commercial industries as well as smaller companies including start-ups, are all beginning to realise something as the crypto world moves further onward into that of the mainstream. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article During this age of diverse blockchain innovation, it has become apparent that whilst this new technology booms, there are pre-existing cogs …
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White Hat Hackers, Smart Contract & Blockchain Experts Team Up with SmartOne in Anticipation of LEGAL Token Launch

As SmartOne, the legal services marketplace for the crypto community, prepares for the launch of the LEGAL token on October 20th, it has teamed up with white hat hacking team, Hacken, smart contracts specialist, Toni Caradonna and Blockchain consultants, Agavon, to strengthen its team before launch.   Security first Confirmation of a new partnership with Hacken, the white hat cryptocurrency hacker ecosystem, was received earlier this week as SmartOne works …
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At Last, with the Launch Of LEGAL Tokens, SmartOne Has a Legal Solution for the Crypto Community

The world of crypto enterprise is booming and the vast potential of Blockchain technology is finally being realised. From global banks to bootstrapped start-ups, thousands of organisations are creating blockchain-enabled technologies and all of them are coming up against the same challenges: they are discovering that in this brave new world, it is the traditionalism of the legal sector that creates the biggest obstacles. SmartOne has been working to solve …
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