Without a Voice, How can Crypto-Enterprise be Legally Sound? LEGAL Braces to Impact the Crypto-World in a Spectacular Way.

As the potential for real-world implementation of blockchain technology grows, major companies in the financial and commercial industries as well as smaller companies including start-ups, are all beginning to realise something as the crypto world moves further onward into that of the mainstream.

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During this age of diverse blockchain innovation, it has become apparent that whilst this new technology booms, there are pre-existing cogs in the legal machine that have failed to adapt to the Crypto-way, which brings a question to mind; does the crypto-world need a legal voice?

SmartOne, with the upcoming ICO release of their Ethereum based ERC 20 token, LEGAL (LGL), are setting up to address the issue head on. They have correctly identified that without a legal voice, crypto enterprises can fall victim to a series of legal roadblocks that open up crypto businesses and the crypto-ecosystem as a whole up to all manners of risks whilst compromising their abilities to engage with regulators. As a consequence, this decreases the likelihood or completely stops these companies from gaining access to the world’s financial and capital markets, slowing funding and crypto innovation.

To bridge this gap, SmartOne is making the first step toward making suitable legal services readily available for those in need of it; by offering up lawyers who are savvy in the blockchain world.

What SmartOne also will be including in their services is a marketplace for legal advice, automated document preparation and individual consultation.

These services are set to be fast acting; law firms registered with SmartOne are prompted by automation, generating a quick efficient delivery.

Populated by a team of legal and technical experts, a community that has designed and built this service in the ‘Crypto Valley’, Zug, Switzerland; SmartOne whilst being a legal service, will also lend their credible voice to the world, in the form of researched and developed articles that begin the much needed dialogue between the crypto-legal world and regulators.

It’s exciting to think that crypto-innovation has hit such a crucial step on its journey in such a short time, and how readily SmartOne are to take this major milestone on.

There are broad new horizons for the crypto-world on the way. As the technology grows and adapts itself to the current systems in place, there will be a growing demand and need to have crypto in all facets of commercial and financial life. Which means it needs to be accessible, secure and readily prepared for the regulatory bodies that the crypto-world seeks to work with.

SmartOne ICO

SmartOne is about to get going with its LEGAL token ICO, a token that is the absolute backbone of the marketplace that SmartOne is about to create, which will bring together the crypto and legal communities. The ICO for their bold LEGAL token, LGL, will begin November 15th lasting for a maximum of two weeks.

Offering up 13,000,000,000 tokens for the public token launch, the Ethereum-based coin will be available to browser wallets Parity, MyEtherwallet and MetaMask and offer a reward of 1% additional LGL tokens generated per year and a bonus programme offering 10% for verified whitelisted accounts.

For more information or to be a part of it head to https://smartone.legal and to reserve a 10% bonus upon sign up, get whitelisted here at https://legaltoken.io.