Skycoin Announces Public Release of Skywire Mainnet

March 13th, 2018, Shanghai – Work on Skycoin began in 2011 with the merging of three separate projects that aimed to improve upon the…

3 years ago

Skywire by Skycoin – Changing the World Wide Web as we know it

Technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate. As we progress into a further hyper-connected world the reliance on this technology…

3 years ago

SkyCoin Aims to Fix Various Flaws in Bitcoin and Ethereum Blockchain Networks with Blockchain 3.0

Bitcoin and Ethereum may have revolutionized the digital and financial worlds but both of them pose big challenges in the…

4 years ago

Skycoin Fiber To Usher in Era of Blockchain 3.0

Skycoin Fiber looks to bring in the new era of distributed ledgers, or Blockchain 3.0. The Fiber network was designed…

4 years ago

What Is Skycoin?

Quite a few different cryptocurrencies exist in the market today, although not all of them will have use cases. Whether or not…

4 years ago

A Third Generation Cryptocurrency? SkyCoin Aims to Shake up the Market

Instances of real ingenuity are something of a rare thing these days. Skycoin and allied product SkyWire are two facets…

4 years ago

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