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Eastern Blockchain – Financial Liberation Through Crowdsales

It is believed by many that blockchain has a potential to erase borders both economically and politically. But that time has not yet arrived and while crypto enthusiasts all over the globe share similar ideals, they are still somewhat different. Interestingly enough, some countries give us more scientists and developers in the field, some are rich in miners and adopters, others mostly just provide infrastructure and jurisdiction. It is easy …
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SkinCoin Conquers Another Big Online Skin Betting Service While Still in ICO Stage

Betting service Loot.bet has pledged to accept SkinCoin as a means of payment in the nearest future. This was revealed in an official tweet from SkinCoin. Loot.bet is an anonymous online betting platform where users can place bets on their favourite eSports games and athletes. Bets can be made not only with fiat money but also with game “skins”, in-game assets that change the appearance of characters, weapons and other …
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A Team of Developers to Introduce Blockchain to the Booming Skin Trade Industry

A team of developers for game projects in eSports has undertaken to solve the problem currently faced by millions of gamers online by issuing a single token dubbed SkinCoin. This cryptocurrency could be used for trading in-game skins and clearing transactions at third-party platforms. The project develops an exchange service with an API so that third-party websites could integrate it. Skins are essentially in-game alterations of visual appearance of items of …
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