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How to Learn Any Skill Fast

Lifelong learning is something that is sought after by many – 73% of American adults feel that they are lifelong learners, and half feel underskilled and fear that they are missing out on growth opportunities. Lifelong learning can help you prepare for life in many different ways, explaining why so many try to be successful lifelong learners. Lifelong learners have been shown to make new friends and connections, feel more …
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Top 6 Hardest Skills to Teach a Robot

Even though significant advancements have been made in the robotics sector as of late, some hurdles have yet to be overcome. Quite a few different traits have to be passed on from humans to synthetics moving forward, although some of these may pose a significant challenge. Below are some of the more challenging tasks we have to teach robots before they can even remotely be considered autonomous. 6. Navigation Remains …
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