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UNICEF Turns to Crypto Mining to Raise Funds for its Humanitarian Causes

Do you want to support UNICEF’s goal of making the world a better place for less fortunate kids? Turns out now you can, just by visiting a website and volunteering your computer’s processing power. UNICEF Australia has turned to crypto mining to fund its humanitarian causes, and it’s counting on support from the public. While there have been widespread cases of people’s computing power being used to mine cryptos, this initiative is different, …
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Two CBS Websites Contained Code to Mine Monero

It appears plenty of websites are experimenting with cryptocurrency mining scripts these days. Now that two sites operated by CBS’s Showtime video network have been identified as containing such scripts, it will be interesting to see how the public responds. Up until now, only niche sites had experimented with this concept, but Showtime is a different creature altogether. No one knows for sure how the code got onto these websites in the first place, …
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New Showtime Documentary Claims John McAfee Killed At Least Two People

The world of technology was rather shocked when they found out that John McAfee was accused of murder. A documentary aired on the Showtime network created a lot of social media backlash. It is not the first time his name has comeup in a murder investigation, though. The camps are divided on what is true and what is fiction, but it makes for an interesting story, nonetheless. John McAfee Is …
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