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This Reddit User is a Diehard Bitcoin SV Shill

There are many different types of personalities in the cryptocurrency space. Everyone has their favorite project, although some bitcoin sv supporters will grasp any opportunity to drop its name.  It is commendable to see community members remain loyal to a crypto asset. When Bitcoin SV Shilling Goes too far Over the years, it seems that most people jump from project to project in search of riches. Not everyone is in …
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Trading Bot Mistakenly Causes e-Gulden Pump

In an unregulated market such as cryptocurrency, bad actors and spontaneous events continually prey upon unknowing individuals. While the victims of these acts typically consist of naive and inexperienced individuals, even savvy traders sometimes find themselves duped by these ploys. Since last Thursday, McAfee Antivirus creator and eccentric cryptocurrency magnate has been tweeting a “coin-of-the-day” to his almost 500,000 followers on Twitter. The results of these daily tweets are exactly what one would …
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Here’s the Issue With Crypto Personalities on Twitter

Alongside every crypto market surge, a similar surge of activity in cryptocurrency social media transpires. Popular crypto personalities benefit the most from this activity, gaining huge numbers of new followers. Some of their Twitter accounts have tens of thousands of followers, and sometimes more. These followers are very receptive to the content shared by these accounts, using these accounts’ tweets as major resources in their research. These prominent individuals, who have …
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