This Reddit User is a Diehard Bitcoin SV Shill

There are many different types of personalities in the cryptocurrency space. Everyone has their favorite project, although some bitcoin sv supporters will grasp any opportunity to drop its name. 

It is commendable to see community members remain loyal to a crypto asset.

When Bitcoin SV Shilling Goes too far

Over the years, it seems that most people jump from project to project in search of riches.

Not everyone is in the industry to make money, although that is a nice bonus regardless. 

The opinions on bitcoin sv and other forked versions of bitcoin will always remain divided.

For some people, it is a project that should simply cease to exist sooner or later.

For Reddit users such as Indiainvestor-a, it is a way of life.

For reasons unknown, this user turns every bitcoin discussion into a a debate on bitcoin sv.

That is not wrong or disallowed, yet it raises plenty of questions.

Even this weekend’s daily bitcoin discussion suffered from this unwanted spam.

The user continued to try and “shill” bitcoin sv, even though no one asked for it or showed any interest in this altcoin.

Efforts like these are applaudable, in a way, but they also highlight the problem.

Even in 2019, there is too much bickering among the general cryptocurrency community.

There’s still no sense of cooperation in this industry, which is somewhat of a shame.