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What Is ShareRing Cryptocurrency?

A lot of cryptocurrency and blockchain projects sound rather appealing on paper. Whether or not they will come to fruition and succeed is a different matter altogether. ShareRing aims to become the world’s first trusted token for sharing services. It’s an interesting idea, but how does it work? The Concept of ShareRing It is not the first time a project has attempted to develop a currency usable by anyone for everything. …
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Blockchain-Based Project Builds Superstore Platform For Sharing Everything

Online platforms, Big Data, and algorithms are the three main contributors to the increasing popularity of today’s sharing economy. AirBnb, Uber, RelayRides and DogVacay are just some of the pioneers dominating the industry. While smaller companies operating in the local markets are left behind in the absence of a universal platform for all. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article The sharing economy adheres to the principle that access trumps ownership. …
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