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AES-NI Ransomware may be Using Recently Disclosed NSA Exploits

Rumors are circulating on the internet regarding quite a recent type of ransomware making use of the Shadow Brokers’ exploits. Albeit security researchers are not entirely certain these claims are legitimate, it is a very troublesome development to consider. AES-NI ransomware has been around since late 2016, but it appears a new version may be circulating as we speak. AES-NI Ransomware Should Not be Underestimated Ever since The Shadow Brokers …
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Former NSA Operative Arrested for Stealing Classified Documents

Harold Thomas Martin III was arrested yesterday by the FBI in connection with the leaked NSA hacking tools. Martin was arrested at his Maryland home for theft of government property and unauthorized removal and retention of classified materials. The Department of Justice press release stated that warrants to search Martin’s home were issued in August, and that most of the information taken from the home, plus Martin’s vehicle, were marked …
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