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Getting Started – Dedicated Server Basics

Keeping in control matters for businesses. You want to be the masters of your own destiny – in charge of everything from the products and services you offer through to security. If this is the case then you need the sort of IT infrastructure that gives you the power that you crave. With a dedicated server you’re calling on one single server which has the sole purpose of catering for …
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A Case for Decentralized Identity And How uPort Might Solve The Problem

When Bitcoin was released, people started to talk about (and eventually enjoy) the decentralization of money. Today, big companies have dedicated resources to Blockchain labs and research groups, each exploring a particular use case. But money isn’t everything, as we have seen.  Blockchain technology has many applications and the folks at uPort are looking into the identity problem. What’s wrong with it? Is it really an inconvenience for internet users? …
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