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Links are Not Dead

Links are not dead. As long as interconnected networks form the internet, links matter. According to SEMrush, 4 of the top 8 ranking factors are based on link signals. On average, Google’s number 1 organic search result has 3.8 times more backlinks and 3.2 times more referring domains than numbers 2 through 10. Link signals account for 28% of Google ranking factors for local organic search – more than any …
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How Will Artificial Intelligence Impact SEO?

SEO began as simple landing page optimizations on desktop computers, soon evolving into more sophisticated processes that include creating engaging content and enhancing compatibility with mobile devices. Artificial intelligence has been around for a long time, but it still holds a unique place in movies—certainly not something that would directly impact the internet any time soon. However, AI is revolutionizing the marketing landscape, and SEO will have to adapt to …
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