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4 Facts About Autonomous Cars You Didn’t Know

Self-driving vehicles are one of the main points of focus in the technology sector today. A lot has been said about autonomous cars over the past few years, yet there are quite a few things most consumers remain unaware about. The future of autonomous vehicles may look very different from how most people envision it, that much is certain. #4 Future Generations May Not Have A Steering Wheel It is …
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Look Out, Tesla, Here Comes BMW

The BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 anticipates the future of motorcycle safety. Using glasses instead of helmets, full balance without any aid, BMW is taking on the road safety technology to a whole different level. Recently in Los Angeles, BMW unveiled its newest concept, the Motorrad VISION NEXT 100 at the BMW Group Future Experience. “The motorcycle provides my escape from everyday life. From the moment I climb on board, …
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Uber and Google to Team Up as Tesla Updates to be the Safest

Researchers with Business Insider were recently able to take a ride in Uber’s new self-driving car, and they say it’s the best yet. Uber unveiled its newest addition on Wednesday to a select few people using Uber services. The cars aren’t fully autonomous, so a driver and engineer are still piloting the vehicle. It’s being labeled as a giant step in the right direction for driverless technology. We’ve all been …
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