Uber and Google to Team Up as Tesla Updates to be the Safest

Researchers with Business Insider were recently able to take a ride in Uber’s new self-driving car, and they say it’s the best yet.

Uber unveiled its newest addition on Wednesday to a select few people using Uber services. The cars aren’t fully autonomous, so a driver and engineer are still piloting the vehicle.

It’s being labeled as a giant step in the right direction for driverless technology. We’ve all been exposed to semi-autonomous technology with our braking assists and auto pilot modes, but the company is exposing more people to driverless technology than ever before. Now, coming in second place, is Tesla.

They released the newest software update, 7.1 in January, and offered incredible safety features like automatic lane changing and collision avoidance. The companies 8.0 update is scheduled to release in the next two weeks. The company said it’s bringing even more safety features to the table.

Tesla’s owner even went as far as to say that the new updates will make Tesla three times more safe than other cars it shares the road with.  The way that Tesla is introducing these features is a really good idea. It’s a way of reassuring Future Tesla owners that with a little more money and pushing a button they will be able to upgrade their cars to be that much smarter.

Right now the price tag associated with the Tesla is the main concern.

They have bumped up the price from $2,500 to $3,000 for the upgrade, and that’s on top of the already $75,000 or more you have to pay for the car itself.

Not many people will be willing to fork over the bucks for the car in the first place, and adding a big figure like $3,000 more seems like over- kill. At another angle, anyone who is willing to pony up $75,000 for a car, might not be scared off by the additional fee.

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