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Scotiabank Bans Bitcoin Purchases with Payment Cards

Various banks have begun preventing customers from purchasing cryptocurrencies with their payment cards. It seems this trend will not slow down anytime soon. Scotiabank is the latest institution to take this aggressive course of action, even though their reasons for doing so may raise a lot of questions in the end. Scotiabank Blocks Cryptocurrency Purchases It has almost become a global trend at this point. Banks all over the world …
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Apple Pay Now Available To Scotiabank Customers

Apple Pay keeps increasing its reach all over the world, albeit the expansion is going much slower than the technology giant would like. Canada is the latest country where Apple Pay is making some headway, as Scotiabank has finally launched the mobile payment solution for all of its customers. Scotiabank Launches Apple Pay One of the major drawbacks to Apple Pay is how usage of this mobile payment solution hinges …
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