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Schools in California may Remain Closed Until the Fall of 2020

More interesting developments occur across the United States to thwart the novel coronavirus outbreak. In California, there is a genuine concern that this pandemic will last until the fall.  No one really knows when the coronavirus crisis will subside. Ending the School Year in California In China, there are signs of improvement. However, the information coming out of that country always needs to be taken with a grain of salt. …
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We Should Be Teaching Blockchain in Schools

Education is an important part of growing up, and it is something that many countries see as investments in themselves. A well-informed population capable of thinking critically is usually a good thing – provided you are not a tyrannical government that would not benefit from a free-thinking people. Often, the education received in one’s childhood molds much of the rest of one’s life. I’m proposing that we start kids off early by not …
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Kraken Contest Results are in: Invest in Bitcoins, But Don’t Disregard Ethereum

There are more than 100 cryptocurrencies out there, each one with their own use case, market capitalization, and user base. Virtually anyone with the right skill-set can create their own currency. The open nature of crypto and its FOSS philosophy makes it easy for people to adopt it or invest in it. The hard part of launching a cryptocurrency is gathering adoption from the public. The cryptocurrency space has always …
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