Schools in California may Remain Closed Until the Fall of 2020

More interesting developments occur across the United States to thwart the novel coronavirus outbreak. In California, there is a genuine concern that this pandemic will last until the fall. 

No one really knows when the coronavirus crisis will subside.

Ending the School Year in California

In China, there are signs of improvement.

However, the information coming out of that country always needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

In the rest of the world, there are little to no signs of improvement whatsoever.

Residents of California may want to take note of some recent developments in their region.

Orange County is banning all public and private gatherings of “any number” of people, for obvious reasons.

However, the real concern comes in the form of resuming school activity.

It now appears that most schools in California will remain closed until the fall.

That is still a long way away, further confirming that the overall outlook isn’t too promising. 

For those unaware, the fall begins in late September of 2020.

That would mean California may remain on lockdown for another six months.

At the same time, this also takes into account the summer break.

Keeping that in mind, the current situation may be over by late June or early July of 2020.