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What Is the Tulip ICO?

Self-professed financial experts often refer to the Bitcoin price momentum as “tulip mania”. After all, they hope to see this bubble burst before it can put them out of a job. Bitcoin and altcoins are not in a bubble, though, and they aren’t going away anytime soon either. The Tulip is an upcoming ICO which seemingly aims to poke fun at these experts for not realizing how things are evolving …
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Bitcoin Outperforms Gold In Every Foundational Trait Giving Both Assets Value

Bitcoin is often referred to as the digital version of gold, due to its global appeal and investor craze. But the Winklevoss Twins, who remain hopeful to launch their Bitcoin ETF soon, think Bitcoin is far better than gold–a bold statement, but so far their instincts have paid off when it comes to cryptocurrency. Bitcoin And Gold Could Not Be More Different It is not overly difficult to see why …
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Should I Hoard Or Spend Bitcoin?

Hoarding is a problem that has been plaguing the Bitcoin sector for quite some time now. Although a lot of people hold Bitcoin as an investment vehicle, those who are not labeled as investors are not spending their funds like they would spend cash. What is it about Bitcoin that makes people want to hold on to it, and should you do too? Bitcoin Is Precious And Cash is Inflationary …
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