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What is the Trezor 2 Hardware Wallet?

A lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts are looking for safe and secure ways to store their coins. That is only normal, as keeping funds on an exchange is never a smart decision by any means. Hardware wallets have been of great interest to a lot of enthusiasts as of late. SatoshiLabs has announced they will release a Trezor 2 in the near future, but what does it do differently compared to …
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Tech Bureau Corp Becomes Official TREZOR Reseller in Japan

TREZOR remains the most popular Bitcoin hardware wallet in the world. Thanks to a partnership between Tech Bureau and SatoshiLabs, the hardware wallet will be coming to Japan. This announcement comes at a time during which Bitcoin enthusiasm in Japan is reaching new heights. Bringing TREZOR To Japan Hardware wallet solutions for Bitcoin users are always in high demand. Albeit there are plenty of software options to secure funds at …
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Dr. Jochen Hoenicke Joins SatoshiLabs R&D Team

Prague-based SatoshiLabs, makers of bitcoin hardware wallet TREZOR, have welcomed ethical hacker and cryptography expert Dr Jochen Hoenicke aka johoe, to the TREZOR R&D team. Dr Hoenicke will be working on cryptography functions for the new version of the SatoshiLabs’ bitcoin hardware wallet, TREZOR 2. Hoenicke gained a great deal of notoriety in 2014, when he assisted with the retrieval of 255 BTC in customer funds from Blockchain.info wallets that …
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