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The Bitcoin Network is Now in Outer Space

With Bitcoin’s price skyrocketing recently, many traders have their eyes and minds on the moon. Blockstream, the blockchain technology company, quite literally wants to put Bitcoin in outer space with the use of satellites. It is offering access to the Bitcoin network for everyone on earth, projected from space! Bitcoin in Space Those of us familiar with Bitcoin know that decentralization is a key feature of the network. However, those of us living in Western nations …
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SpaceX Wants To Create A Global Satellite-based High-Speed Internet Network

Internet access can come in many forms. The vast majority of people receive internet connectivity through their mobile data plan, whereas others use a finger or DSL connection. But if it is up to SpaceX, satellite-powered internet is just a few years away. The company asked the US government for permission to launch roughly 4,000 satellites into Earth’s orbit and provide Internet connectivity to the entire world. Using Space Satellites …
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