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Virtual Nation of Asgardia Prepares for Satellite Launch Later This Year

Every time someone talks about a virtual nation, people will mock the entire concept. After all, a virtual nation is not real, and has no merit whatsoever, according to most people. Asgardia is one of those virtual nations which was never taken all that seriously. Until this week, that is, as The Space Nation will launch a small satellite later in 2017. Things are getting quite real where Asgardia is …
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UK Scientists Use Satellites to Monitor all 1,500 Land Volcanoes on Earth

Satellites are a very interesting piece of technology that still feels somewhat underutilized at this stage. British scientists are looking to change all of that with their new satellite-oriented venture. To be more specific, the group wants to monitor every land volcano known to man from space by using satellites dedicated to this task. In doing so, the scientists hope to build prediction models for potential volcanic eruptions. A New …
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Space Becomes The Next Cybersecurity Frontier

With all of the recent focus on cyber security on the enterprise level, it is not unlikely internet criminals will start taking their attacks to the next level. Satellites present a high=profile target for hackers and spreaders of malware, mainly because a satellite is usually managed remotely. Cyber Security On Satellites Matters Although it is very unlikely crypto-ransomware will make an appearance in space anytime soon, it is of the …
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