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Alpha Version Of The Sandboxed Tor Browser Is Available For Testing

Not too long ago, we touched upon the subject of a new Tor Browser release that would offer significant improvements. A sandboxed version of this tool has now been released, and it shows positive signs of potential. Some bugs still need ironing out, but it appears that the Tor Browser will once again be capable of safeguarding user’s anonymity while surfing the web. New Tor Browser Looks Promising One of …
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Monetary Authority of Singapore Proposes a Regulatory Sandbox for FinTech

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) released a consultation paper discussing several FinTech regulatory guidelines that will enable financial institutions (FIs) as well as non-financial players to experiment with financial technology (FinTech). Singapore is a key player and a hub for financial technology developments and startups, the country has a vibrant blockchain industry too, Ethereum-based solutions such as Digix and Otonomos are located in Singapore, and recently, it was visited by Ethereum’s …
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