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Samson Mow Hints At Ethereum Classic Mining Pool Plans

Things have been relatively quiet in the Ethereum Classic camp over the past week or so. There is still an ongoing “war” between ETH and ETC supporters, but it looks like most of the arguments have quieted down. Samson Mow is trying to stir a new debate by announcing his plans for an ETC mining pool. Samson Mow And Ethereum Classic When tweets like these appear, one never knows for …
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Samson Mow: “Bitcoin Classic Supporters Are Pretty Much Irrelevant Now”

With the recent release of the new Bitcoin Core client, mining pools will have to start switching over to the latest version at some point. BTCC, one of the largest Chinese mining pools, will be doing exactly that, as the process will take approximately two weeks to complete. Also read: Ethereum Technical Analysis 04/16/2016 – Potential Reversal Pattern BTCC Prepares For Bitcoin Core 0.12.1 Although it is doubtful this move …
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Block Size Politics Continue As Support for Bitcoin Classic Is Unclear

The Bitcoin block size debate is one of the hottest topics in the world of digital currency right now. Both Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Classic seem to present some very interesting solutions, but the politics between both parties are captivating the audience. A recent comment by Samson Mow of BTCC sheds light on how the number of companies supporting Bitcoin Classic might be much lower than anticipated. Also read: Looming …
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