Samson Mow: “Bitcoin Classic Supporters Are Pretty Much Irrelevant Now”

With the recent release of the new Bitcoin Core client, mining pools will have to start switching over to the latest version at some point. BTCC, one of the largest Chinese mining pools, will be doing exactly that, as the process will take approximately two weeks to complete.

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BTCC Prepares For Bitcoin Core 0.12.1

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Although it is doubtful this move will decide the “battle” between Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Classic, BTCC clearly shows they will be sticking with Bitcoin Core no matter what. It is good to see mining pools clearly define their intentions for the coming period, though, as it removes a lot of unnecessary doubt and friction within the Bitcoin community.

As a result of the latest Bitcoin Core release, BTCC will be upgrading all of their servers to the latest version in the coming two weeks. What makes this release, so significant is the first soft fork towards increasing the Bitcoin block size in the coming months, as this change has been coming for quite some time now.

It is still important for people to keep in mind this new Bitcoin Core release will not settle the block size debate once and for real, as Segregated Witness is only being tested in its current iteration. There is no word on whether or not this will be the final version of this proposal either, but it seems safe to assume some tweaks will be coming over the coming weeks and months.

Moreover, there is no denying BTCC’s Samson Mow has never been a fan of the whole Bitcoin Classic ordeal. However, that does not mean he should try to ridicule that concept by any means, even though he did jab at Bitcoin Classic supporters in a very recent tweet. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but there is no need for unnecessary blows below the belt.

The Bitcoin Core vs. Bitcoin Classic debate has been cause for a fair bit of friction among the community. Although most mining pools stuck with Bitcoin Core without even bothering to see what individual miners thought about the proposals, it seems the chance of success for Bitcoin Classic is diminishing at every turn. But the story is far from over, and the implementation of Segregated Witness will determine whether Bitcoin Core stands or falls in the coming months.

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